The method

My method is simple but effective.

In clear steps, I diagnose the causes of symptoms like headache, back pain, joint pain, dizziness or fever.

There is a psychological pattern causing energy blockages in the body behind each of these and many other complaints. Many times these patterns are caused by far earlier events, that the person has already forgotten for a long time. These events are saved in the subconscious or even in the body itself and can lead to unspecific complaints, which are difficult for a normal doctor to diagnose.
I uncover and explain these patterns. Afterwards I am able to neutralize these energy blockages, which always manifest themselves along the acupuncture points on the spine, using my hands and my magnetic acupuncture rods. The blockages are dissolved. Energy starts flowing again.

This process is a liberating experience for all people.

Experience the power of positive energy!



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