Healing with energy

From acupuncture we know that, invisibly but tangibly, the physical body is penetrated by an energy body. To be precise: the energy body is there first , and this is followed by the physical body. This corresponds to the principle of materialization.

In addition to the anatomy of the body there exists an energy anatomy. It consists of the main centers and many smaller and larger branches or stations. The main centers are actual circulation pumps for food energy. They carry the energy in a flow system similar to the pipes and radiators of a domestic heating system. Blocked or congested channels and stations are involved in the creation of problems and diseases.

Heal Energtisches ceates a balance of energy flow, which has a direct effect on both the body and the mind. This is done by directing attention (by means of thoughts and / or touch) to these energy stations in order to loosen blocked energies and to compensate for energy deficiencies.

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